A huge range of products to help you look after your garden.

We have a wide variety of products to help keep your garden healthy and your plants nutritious, including:

  • Manure
  • Compost
  • Plant Food
  • Gravel

Manure is a great fertiliser used to supply needed nutrients to help the growth of trees, shrubs, flowers and plants. It is good to sow your garden with manure to replenish nutrients lost over time. We supply manure to help your garden maintain those essential nutrients.

We have an excellent supply of compost for all of your bedding plants and arrangements availabel in bags in a range of sizes. For all of your plant needs we supply plant food suitable for a large variety of different plants, shrubs and flowers.

There are many types of plant food available depending on what plants you want to feed, such as water soluble plant food or controlled release plant food, water soluble plant food completely dissolve in water relaesing the nutirents straight away into the ground. Water Soluble Plant Food generally tends to feed the plant for approximately 2-3 weeks and will need repeating after this time in order to nourish the plants. Whereas, Controlled release plant foods contain a plant nutrient often chemically combined with an insoluble polymer sto allow the slower release of nutrients over a longer period of time.

Indoor Cafe

We have an indoor cafe serving snacks, sandwiches, cakes and drinks during the Spring and Summer Months.
Visit us today to see the large selection of plants, tools and more that we have available, then relax and have a cup of tea in our warm and friendly cafe.



Manure is a good fertiliser and can add essential nutrients to your soil helping your plants, trees and flowers grow and flourish. There are many different types of manure available from inorganic to natures products. We can help you decide which type of manure you need.

Plant Food

There are many types of plant food available depending on what plants you want to feed, whether its slow release food or you need a quick solution in repsonse to a problem plant, we can help you choose the correct food to help your plants thrive and maintain full health.


We have a large selection of gravel available in various types from cotswold white decorative gravel to garden stones and pea shingle. We can help you choose the most suitable type for your garden.